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    Parenting Tough Issues

    Therapy for Parents can help provide hope, self empowerment and establish family balance and reconnection.

    Parenting. It can bring our greatest joys – and can also be associated with our darkest moments. In those dark moments, we may lose our way as parents and become disconnected from ourselves and from our children. Parenting therapy can help provide moms, dads and caregivers with insight, hope and self-empowerment. In our work together, we will identify the issues troubling you and your child and establish actionable methods of reconnection.

    Feeling Ashamed, Helpless, or “Checked Out” as a Parent

    There is no problem bigger than a parent’s love for their child. The love we feel for our children can often feel intuitive and organic. Sometimes it’s not. There may be times that (despite this deep love) we find ourselves facing parenting issues that leave us frozen and fearful of our ability to do the best for our children. As a parent you might find yourself:

    • Numbed out or not “present”
    • Having acute anxiety
    • Snapping at your child(ren)
    • Feeling emotional and weepy
    • Experiencing intense shame
    • Unable to set boundaries or make decisions
    • Engaging in negative patterns of interaction that leave you feeling helpless
    • Feeling hopeless

    Make Sense of Your Mixed Parenting Emotions

    Together we will unpack your parenting strengths and perceived weaknesses. We will make sense of the feelings that come up for you when your child is struggling. I strive to create a safe and affirming place for parents and guardians to feel heard, seen, understood and emotionally supported as we reestablish balance and connection. The struggles your child is dealing with may come from strife within the home, or factors outside of your home. Some of the issues could be:

    • Dealing with a divorce
    • Older siblings moving away
    • Bullying at school
    • One abusive parent
    • Gender questioning
    • Questioning sexuality
    • Body image / eating disorders
    • Peer pressure
    • Trauma
    • Depression / suicidal thoughts
    • Self-harm / cutting

    Parents often take on the guilt or pain of their child, wondering what they did wrong or how they can “fix it”. These are totally normal reactions to wanting to protect your child. In therapy with me, I can help guide you through the stages of grief to find where your heart truly is in supporting your child.

    Parent Therapy For Gender Transitioning

    I work with parents and guardians who have a child transitioning genders. My approach is based on my extensive training in this area, as well as my personal experience as an LBGTQ+ ally and the loved one of a transitioning family member. I am committed to supporting your family to remain connected during this time.

    I understand that this can be a confusing time for family members and that each of us has our own way of coping and processing. Experiences can include:

    • Grief and loss
    • Issues with acceptance
    • Internal and external judgements
    • And just plain not knowing how to best support their loved one as they transition.

    Research has shown that transgender individuals thrive best when they are supported by their family and loved ones. Benefits of family support include lower suicidal ideation or attempts, self harm, addiction issues and overall more positive mental health.

    Parenting Areas Of Expertise

    • Divorce
    • Anger
    • At-Risk Behaviors
    • Social Anxiety
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Bullying
    • Body Image
    • Cutting & Self-Harm
    • Drug Use
    • Gender Identity
    • Gender Transition
    • Pornography
    • Peer Pressure
    • Same Sex Attraction
    • Transgender Identity
    • Trauma

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