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    You Can Embrace the Life You Deserve

    Embracing your authentic self can feel scary or overwhelming. You may want to be true to yourself but do not know how to start. Feelings of helplessness, shame, being on the outside (exclusion), or fear – for example – can block us from showing up fully in our own lives. My office is a safe and affirming place for you to feel heard, seen, understood and emotionally supported as we work together to overcome these and other obstacles. Together we will work to:

    • Heal any shame and trauma
    • Dispel feelings of helplessness
    • Rebuild any disconnection from your true self
    • Work through challenges in your day-to-day life
    • Empower your authentic self

    Change, Growth, and Healing Can Happen

    Feeling good about our sexuality, sexual expression, sexual identity and gender identity leaves us balanced and feeling connected to ourselves and others on a deep level. If we are feeling disconnection from our sexuality within ourselves or in our relationships we may experience distress, depression and anxiety. Negative or hostile social and familial messages may feel overwhelming and bring on feelings of helplessness, invisibility and lack of self worth. Healing is possible. I will help you begin the process of honoring yourself and ultimately,empower you to live an authentic life.

    Affirming, Sex Positive, and Safe

    My work with members of the LBGTQ+ community is based on my extensive training in this area, as well as my personal experience as an LBGTQ+ ally. As your advocate and ally I am committed to:

    • Creating a safe place for you to be seen, heard and empowered
    • Working collaboratively at your pace to achieve your goals
    • Providing a trauma informed therapeutic approach rooted in a non-judgemental and sex positive perspective
    • Bringing awareness to and working through internal positive and negative narratives that may have come from family, social or cultural sources
    • Helping to set your inner flame to roaring!

    LGBTQ+ Areas Of Focus

    • Couples Counseling
    • Cross-Dressing
    • Coming Out
    • Gay, Lesbian, Queer & Questioning
    • Gender Identity
    • Gender Nonconformity
    • Intersex Conditions
    • Religion & Sexuality
    • SSA (Same Sex Attraction)
    • Transgender Care

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