Individual Therapy

Discover the freedom of showing up authentically in your own life.

Heal from Abuse, Grief, Trauma and Negative Patterns

Individual therapy can bring a light back into your life you may have accepted as being “out”. With extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Narrative Therapy, I help individuals achieve deep healing from abuse, trauma and negative patterns. I understand that allowing yourself to be vulnerable and showing your authentic self to anyone can be scary, but it is often necessary for change to happen. I will be with you throughout your journey cheering on your victories and supporting you when things get hard.

Through this process I have seen clients slow down and allow their true identity to have a voice, thus empowering themselves to make life changes, attract connection with others and move forward. This transformation and the work that they have done often takes my breath away!

Areas of Specialty:

I Offer You a Safe and Non-judgemental Space

Life can be stressful, overwhelming and seemingly impossible to navigate at times. It can feel like you are just barely keeping your head above water. Many of us want to change but don’t know what to do. I am passionate about helping my clients overcome the obstacles and negative stories in their lives that often leave them feeling stuck, helpless and disconnected.

  • You will be seen and heard with compassion
  • We will make sense of your story and how it affects your life / relationships
  • We will explore your current options and choices
  • We will externalize the negative narratives you hear internally

I Will Help You Write a New, Empowering Life Story

Individual therapy is a safe place to make peace with your past and move forward. I use Narrative Therapy to help you look at your life story and experiences through an alternative, empowering lens. I will help you reconnect with and trust the somatic cues, instinct and emotion that come up when you are faced with decisions, conflicts or triggers. Finally, I will help you create a new story that positively supports your authentic self and empowers you to move forward in your life.

During individual therapy we will:

  • Make peace with your past
  • Sort out current challenges
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Move through grief
  • Rewrite your story
  • Embrace your authentic self and find your voice

Change and growth are possible even when it seems like all is lost.

Through our work together you will see more hopefulness, connection and acceptance of who you truly are. If you have questions, you can reach out by phone (720) 336-9220), email ( or through the Contact Form on my site. If you are ready, you can schedule a Free Initial Consultation to meet in-person and see if we are the right fit.



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Trauma: Adult,Childhood and Relational

Anger Issues

Self-Defeating Behaviors

LGBTQ+ Support

Low Self-Esteem

Blocked Creativity

Life Transitions

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Career Struggles


A Safe Place to Get Started.

It takes courage to take the first step. I offer a free, non-judgemental, confidential consultation for new clients.

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What People Have Been Saying

I love supporting my clients as they create meaningful and fulfilling lives through increased self-awareness, acceptance and action.

“Susan is a mature, compassionate and intuitive therapist. She has an approachable presence and is tactful in helping clients change their internal narrative to create change in their life. I highly recommend her and her thoughtful counseling services!”

Kelly S.
“Susan is warm and compassionate in her approach to individual counseling and family therapy. She is very talented and well informed as a clinician. I feel privileged to know Susan as a person and as a professional.”
Samantha T.
“Without Susan I don’t think my life would be where it is right now, she is giving myself and my husband the tools we need to have a successful relationship and the ability to enjoy life together. She taught us how to understand and respect each other’s feelings and personalities, and without that, we wouldn’t be where we are.”
“We found Susan during a difficult time in our marriage and could not be more pleased. She has proven to be invaluable in her ability to listen to each of us and instill peace and clarity in our communication. Sessions with her have always felt safe and open and with her guidance, we have been able to experience pivotal breakthroughs that have strengthened our relationship…”
Rachel & Jason, Couple