My Counseling Specialties

I offer a direct, creative and compassionate counseling approach in an inclusive, affirmative and safe environment. I enjoy working with people from all gender identities, sexual orientation, expressions, religions, ethnicities and lifestyles.


Sex Therapy

Learn to better understand your and your partner’s innate needs through open dialogue and discovery.

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Individual Therapy

Learn to navigate your struggles, rejoice in the moment, and live your best life.

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LGBTQ+ Therapy

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Couples Therapy

Get more information about my approach to couples therapy, marriage counseling, and divorce counseling.

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Trauma & Abuse

Trauma & Abuse

Speak at your own pace, be understood, and learn coping strategies to manage the hurt and move on from the pain.

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Parenting Tough Issues

Therapy for Parents

Obtain guidance an support in dealing with family stresses, blended households, bullying, adolescent concerns, LGBTQIA questions, and all the other struggles that can come with raising kids.

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A Safe Place to Get Started.

It takes courage to take the first step. I offer a free, non-judgemental, confidential consultation for new clients.

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What People Have Been Saying

I love supporting my clients as they create meaningful and fulfilling lives through increased self-awareness, acceptance and action.

“Susan is a mature, compassionate and intuitive therapist. She has an approachable presence and is tactful in helping clients change their internal narrative to create change in their life. I highly recommend her and her thoughtful counseling services!”

Kelly S.
“Susan is warm and compassionate in her approach to individual counseling and family therapy. She is very talented and well informed as a clinician. I feel privileged to know Susan as a person and as a professional.”
Samantha T.
“Without Susan I don’t think my life would be where it is right now, she is giving myself and my husband the tools we need to have a successful relationship and the ability to enjoy life together. She taught us how to understand and respect each other’s feelings and personalities, and without that, we wouldn’t be where we are.”
“We found Susan during a difficult time in our marriage and could not be more pleased. She has proven to be invaluable in her ability to listen to each of us and instill peace and clarity in our communication. Sessions with her have always felt safe and open and with her guidance, we have been able to experience pivotal breakthroughs that have strengthened our relationship…”
Rachel & Jason, Couple